Riding The Horse You Are On

Riding the horse you are on, Article by Savannah Magoteaux

Several years ago, when I first took the job at Barrel Horse News, a friend of mine shared a wonderful daily devotion from Joyce Meyer.  In it she talked about how God told Abram (after his nephew Lot chose the best land in the area) to look from where he was. God gave Abram a new life and vision.

When I originally read that five years ago, I was floored by the revelation. No, my life wasn’t the way I had planned, and wasn’t turning out the way I envisioned, but I could look from where I was and start anew. It was my job to take the opportunities I was given at that moment – not to dwell on the could-haves and should-haves.

Thanks to Facebook memories, that devotional has popped up every year. Each time, even though I’ve grown and changed, it still speaks to me, because it’s about where I am NOW.

When it popped up yesterday, I realized we should apply the same thoughts to our horses. We should look from where we are at the moment.

I’m not advocating complete complacency with how our horses and we are performing; but that we should be aware. I need to remember that Cinco is not a seasoned rodeo horse yet, and I shouldn’t expect to run him like one. I don’t need to be riding the horse that I used to have or the horse that he will become.

There is a flip side to this, and one that applies to us even more. I wrote about having some trouble with our first barrel in a previous blog, but as I rode around the warm up pen last night, I just kept thinking, “Look from where you are…”

I realized Cinco is not the horse that has trouble with that barrel any longer, and I was holding him back because I was riding the horse he was a month ago. When I entered the alley last night, I rode boldly to the first barrel, because I knew I rode the horse he is now. Although we bumped the second barrel, we ran our fastest time to date there.

Cinco got his fill of treats last night; he also thought the water was delicious!

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