The required payoff for NBHA sanctioned shows is as follows:

  1. A minimum of 80% of all entry fees must go to the jackpot. (Exception: If a show offers at least $1000 added money, a minimum of 70% of all entry fees must go to the jackpot.) That is, a maximum of 20% (a maximum of 30% if at least $1000 added) may be withheld as the “office charge” If more than 20% is withheld pursuant to the above, this fact must be stated on any showbills or flyers. This is exclusive of other fees which may be charged for specific purposes such as State District Awards Fees, timer fee, or arena fee. While we permit such charges, they must not be excessive, must be clearly stated in all advertising and show bills, and must be directed to the specific purposes as labelled, for example, the timer fees must either be paid to the timer owner/operator, or put toward the purchase of a timer for the district. The charging of a “processing fee” t district shows, the sole purpose of which is to add to the general revenue of the show, is not permitted.
  2. In a 3-D payout, the total jackpot entry fees of a class is to be divided 50% to the 1st Division, 30% to the 2nd Division (1 second off fastest time), and 20% to the 3rd Division (2 seconds off fastest time). In a 4-D payout, the total jackpot entry fees of a class are to be divided 35% to the 1st Division, 30% to the 2nd Division, 20% to the 3rd Division, and 15% to the 4th Division.  In a 5-D payout, the total jackpot entry fees of a class are to be divided 30% to the 1st Division, 25% to the 2ndDivision, 20% to the 3rd Division, 15% to the 4th Division, and 10% to the 5th Division.
  3. Added money will be divided in the same ratio OR split evenly among all divisions.
  4. There are no restrictions regarding how added money is apportioned among classes at a show. For example, a show may add money to the Open but not to Youth or Seniors.
  5. The following table shows the MINIMUM number of places to be paid for the stated number of entries:
    3-D FormatPlacesNumber of Entries1-1011-1516-3031-6061-9091-120121-150151-180181-210211+1st100%60%50%40%30%28%26%24%22%20%2nd—40%30%30%25%22%20%18%16%15%3rd——20%20%20%18%15%15%14%13%4th———10%15%14%12%12%12%11%5th————10%10%10%10%10%10%6th—————8%9%8%8%8%7th——————8%7%7%6.5%8th———————6%6%6%9th————————5%5.5%10th—————————5%4-D FormatPlacesNumber of Entries1-1213-2021-4041-8081-120121-160161-200201+1st100%60%50%40%30%28%26%24%2nd—40%30%30%25%22%20%18%3rd——20%20%20%18%15%15%4th———10%15%14%12%12%5th————10%10%10%10%6th—————8%9%8%7th——————8%7%8th———————6%5-D FormatPlacesNumber of Entries1-2021-4041-8081-150150-200201+1st60%50%40%30%28%24%2nd40%30%30%25%22%18%3rd—20%20%20%18%15%4th——10%15%14%12%5th———10%10%10%6th————8%8%7th—————7%8th—————6%
  6. District Directors will check payback in all NBHA classes. Paying more than the minimum places requires approval of the District Director.
  7. All prize money must be paid out.
  8. Prize money will NOT be paid to any contestant who knocks over a barrel.
  9. At any NBHA show, if not enough riders qualify in a division as monies to be paid, the money which is unaccounted for shall be divided equally among those who have placed in that division. If no riders qualify in a division, the prize money for that division shall be equally divided among those riders in the other divisions of that class who have won prize money.
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