Charlene Oosthuizen
Managing director
Charlene initiated NBHA South Africa. She is currently an active driver and the organiser of NBHA SA.
Honors & Awards

American Quarter Horse Breeder

Charlene is an American Quarter Horse breeder, horse trainer, farmer, house wife & mother of two.

Awesome Horse Trainer

Charlene is an awesome horse trainer, and her horse breed is only the best of the best horses.

Horse Races
Coaching And Advising
Horse Training
Riding Skills

Why do I love NBHA? Precision, Speed, Connection with your Horse, Commitment and Adrenaline !!!

Tanya Russel
Tanya Russel, 47 years

Now that we are part of NBHA South Africa, my dreams become a reality to compete on an international level.”

Emma Rogers
Emma Rogers, 32 years

I love NBHA because it provides an opportunity for everyone from beginners to pro!

Charlene Oosthuizen
Charlene Oosthuizen, 33 years

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